A Few of My Favorite Things ©

“A Few of My Favorite Things” as in:

…. whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things” from the iconic Julie Anderson song in The Sound of Music. But since my grade school teacher taught us that a “Few” had to be more than two, I have to cheat a bit because I only want to talk about two: a cabin and a book.

First, the cabin. That’s where we were last week and hence no All About Seniors column last week. It’s about a hundred years old and has been in my wife’s family for over 60 years. It’s just a mile, as the crow flies, from where Flight 93 went down on 911 in Pennsylvania coal country.

The cabin is my wife’s favorite place on the face of the earth so I try to take her there a couple times a year even though it’s an 800 mile trek; not exactly a weekend outing! Not that it has wonderful amenities as most people define them. No, exactly the opposite…..the only running water is the stream outside the kitchen window! But she does have a hand pump in the kitchen to pump some of that stream water into the sink. It’s full of wonderful childhood memories, not amenities. But since we’ve been going the last seven years that we’ve owned it, we have built some wonderful adult memories as well; enough said about that!

Second, the book: The Persian Gamble, another geo-political novel from our favorite author, Joel Rosenberg. We read the whole thing together while at the cabin; stayed up past midnight to finish it Saturday even though we had to get up early Sunday to catch a plane home. These are real “Page turners” that are hard to put down , especially as you get toward the ending crescendo.

This is the author’s latest of fourteen fiction novels and six non-fiction books. What makes the books so good is not only the author’s exceptional gift for writing but the breadth of experience he brings to the table and the resources he uses for his research.

Joel’s grandparents barely escaped from Russia by the skin of their teeth. Hs parents settled in NY, He attended Georgetown University, worked in Steve Forbes’ 2000 presidential bid and then Netanyahu’s 2000 Prime Minister bid in Israel. He’s a world traveler and speaker who now lives in Israel. But perhaps the thing that makes his work most unique is that he always incorporates his understanding of biblical eschatology to the political events he’s writing about. The results are so eerily accurate that he’s been summoned to address leaders at the highest levels of our government.

unnamed (1)

Well, that’s where we were last week, enjoying “A few of our favorite things”. If you are so fortunate to still have a spouse to share life with, getting away somewhere with a book you can share together more than doubles the pleasure of reading!

But if you want to read The Persian Gable, you should read The Kremlin Connection first. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading All About Seniors…..see you next week!

Bill Milby is a Director of Visiting Angels® of Central Georgia, a non-medical, living assistance service for seniors. If you have questions or comments about this column you can reach him at william.mercylink@gmail.com

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